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Agent Testimonials


Robyn Digman

I needed a job that I could work that would be flexible since I had a child with special needs.  One night out of desperation, I found an ad on a job search site, it sounded too good to be true. I had no other option but to attempt this and see if it would show fruit. I waited and waited, still searching for jobs with no luck. One day I received an email from Bluegrass Live Operators, it was in response to an ad I had responded to, operated by two young men that were attempting to create a customer service company. Still a little skeptical of the whole thing, their southern charms convinced me to go online and begin the enrollment process. It wasn't until I began the training that i realized that this was a legitimate business. I was training for the same company that I had been laid off from. Once training was over I was on my way to making well over a normal hourly wage, I couldn't believe it! Payday came, and all of my concerns were lifted when I saw that I had made over $300 for around 20 hours of work. Not only have I been making a steady income for the last year, I have also made some amazing friends. I have grown to admire and absolutely love my bosses, they have gone out of their way time and time again to make sure that I (and now my husband) have a great experience. I can not thank them enough for the opportunity to make a great living from the comfort of my home.

Lina Grajales


I joined Bluegrass Live Operators in February of 2012 and have been servicing a mobility client since. I love working from home, I have the freedom needed for the hectic day-to-day life that comes with being a mother of four. I have had many questions and concerns during the application process and while adjusting to working from home. Bluegrass Live Operators has always came through with information needed or the assistance to handle any issue that may have come about. We grow together and always have a way of getting questions or concerns answered either by management directly or by other work at home individuals. I recommend Bluegrass Live Operators to anyone looking to work from home or just for that extra cash in the pocket, part-time.

Kenneth Shackford

After losing my job due to government cutbacks at the age of 45, I was unsure in what direction life was going to take me. A friend suggested the possibility of working at home and I thought that would be a pretty cool idea with my schedule of homeschooling my daughter and with the volunteer work that I do with my local church. Still, the thought of being alone out here and not having any support seemed overwhelming, then I found Bluegrass Live Operators and being alone was no longer an option. The support they gave me and the concern with every call that you place to them is quite overwhelming. They are quick to respond to every question and provide immediate feedback and support. We also are able to stay in contact with other people working from home so we don’t feel so isolated. This is truly a great company to partner with.

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