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Our Expertise

Bluegrass Live Operators assists businesses by providing outstanding support via phone, email and/or chat at a lower cost than most other outsourced services. Whether your business has grown and you need us to help with the extra volume, or you'd like to make the switch to a more affordable solution, we are the answer you've been looking for!

Telephone Services

We love answering phone calls! You can have your phone system forward your calls to us or we can set up a phone system for your business that will include a toll free number at a low cost. Check out the ways that we could assist your business with telephone services:

Customer Service


We can provide outstanding customer service to your customers. This is our best attribute! Whether it's answering general questions, helping make changes to a service or going over billing information, we've got what it takes to help your customers!

Operator Services


Whether you just need someone to answer your calls and direct them to the appropriate party or you need us to take your calls while you are out of the office, we've got you covered. We have agents working around the clock to meet your businesses needs.

Technical Support


With the extensive training that we provide to our work at home agents, we can teach them to do just about anything and that includes assisting your customers with any technical issues that they may have with your product or service!

Appointment Setting


Staffing an office just to have them set appointments can be expensive. Many times someone working in a office can be distracted easily and this takes away the focus on the customer. During the day or all night, we can set your appointments.

Inbound Sales


Our agents have plenty of experience with successful sales. A number of clients already choose us to take their calls and sell their product or service. Teach us about what you offer and we'll be turning potential individuals into customers. 


Our agents are already booking hotel rooms, dinners and cruises for other clients and we'd like to help you out too! It's not just about taking the call and entering the information into the computer, it's about engaging the customer and closing the sale!

Internet Services


Answering Email and Chat messages are just as easy to us as taking phone calls. We can implement chat or email services on your website or you can turn-over your current systems to us. We can also develop a very handsome website for your business!

Chat and Email Services


Engaging an online customer is in some ways becoming even more important than phone services. Our agents are chatting right now with customers, selling them phones and other products and services and providing world class support.

Website Development

If you need that extra edge on the competition or just an easier way for people to connect to you then let us build you a top of the line website created individually to focus on your business.


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