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It's time to imagine the freedom of working from home!

Let's get started. We're going to give you some instructions that you'll need to use when you click the button below. Please follow these steps closely.


1. Please keep this page open to reference. When you click on the button below to begin the admissions process, a new tab or page will attempt to open (if it doesn't, please make sure your popup blocker has been disabled). Switch back and forth between this tab and the new tab to follow instructions.

2. Select your country of residence. (Bluegrass Live Operators only accepts agents within the United States)

3. Read and check the boxes that you understand the Arise Platform.

4. Enter the information requested, your name, state, date of birth, gender, email address and create a username and password. Please write down the username and password that you use. Click next to proceed.

5. Enter your address, and phone number(s). When you are asked if you learned about Arise from a call center, select Yes. Enter this referring agent ID: 288465 and click the search icon. When asked how you heard about the Arise Platform, select Other. Enter Bluegrass Live Operators into the box that appears asking you to specify. Enter your education, experience and languages. Click next to proceed.

6. View and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement. Click Next.

7. Select Independent Contractor Type by clicking Start Now

8. Select Agent of Existing Call Center and click Submit Request.

9. Scroll down to the box that asks for Company ID. Enter 39960 and click on the search icon. Enter your SSN and confirm it.

10. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

11. Once you have clicked next, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or on our Facebook Page. You may also reach out to us by calling 877-904-9046. Await further instructions.

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