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About Us


One passion, one goal: customer service.

Founded in 2010 by Joshua Rudnick and Jonathan Brown, Bluegrass Live Operators has grown substantially. (Original partnership with Arise Virtual Solutions was formed in 2007.)

We now service more than 22 clients by utilizing our team of thousands of work at home independent contractors that are located all throughout the United States.

Joshua and Jonathan have both been working in the customer service industry since their teenage years and are very business driven individuals. In the fall of 2009, the 22 year old guys formed VapeShak, a company that produced an electronic cigarette. VapeShak prospered and Joshua and Jonathan were at the top of the industry, growing the companies' profits by over 640%. While the two guys were very proud of their success with the company, they both knew it wasn't the right industry for them; they wanted to put people to work. 

Prior to VapeShak, Joshua and Jonathan have worked in brick and mortar call centers as well as from home, servicing various clients. When the two decided that it was time to start another business alongside of VapeShak, they knew that the work at home platform would be much more successful than opening a brick and mortal center.

At the end of 2011 Bluegrass Live Operators had grown so much and was bringing the duo so much happiness that they decided to end VapeShak's operations, the rest of the inventory was sold off and the business closed.

Now, with full attention on Bluegrass Live Operators, the company was officially incorporated in the state of Kentucky as a Limited Liability Corporation and accreditation was achieved from the Better Business Bureau.
Over the months since full attention was turned to Bluegrass Live Operators, the company continues to witness steady growth and since its founding day, has not let a single agent go due to decreased demand for business.

We are very excited about the future of our company and we invite you to be part of our successful growth!

Joshua Rudnick, CEO


When Joshua founded this company, he was not expecting it to be so successful, so quickly. He loves to provide feedback to his agents on a day-to-day basis and making them feel like this is their company as well. From human resources to payroll, Joshua takes part in all daily operations of the company.

Jonathan Brown, COO


Over the past 7 years, Jonathan has gained extensive knowledge in customer service and communications. Starting as just a CSP, Jonathan never imagined that he would now be the Chief Operating Officer, handling all inquiries excluding payroll and dealing with agent performance and metrics.

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